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Part 1

I stood on the shore alone
My Mind soul everything lost gone
Tears streaming down my face
The pale pinkish sun’s rays dazzling on the sea’s surface
Was it fleeting away evening of that day
Or the quietly, shrinking away evening of my life on the bay
A black marked envelope lay beside me on the sandy ground
Once again, I went through the letter that was clasped in my hand
I closed my eyes and prayed for the better.
My soul was wrung each time.
As these thought rang in my mind.
‘Thought’-that bring me close to tears
Once I thought you were perfect and mine friend
Your smiling face, your gentle touch
Your every word mattered to me so much
This was the time I lived a beautiful lie.
But the truth uncovered itself
As the year went by .

Part 2

I hate it that I loved you
I hate that you make me cry
But once you were my life
This I can’t deny.
I’m not sure you know
But once a long time ago
I saw something in you
“Now You are so Empty
that I can see through you”
I like to believe
That you never let me down
But you always remind me
That you never meant to fulfill
Any of your promised wills
That I can’t remember you face now
And to know that was hard
Now my world has changed as
You left me without a halt
And I can’t know what was my fault?

Part 3

I doubt you ever liked me
And I don’t love you either
Not even  just a bit
But aren't  we both liars?

Loved one lost ! killed! Left away.

These were the things . I had heard bout
Read about but never , ever
Thought realized about long before today.

My leg started shaking at these thought.

I knelt down on the beach.
And as the night set in the moon was shining sulkily.
That made me realized how cold
Not only  the surroundings but our love also
Its being so long here
That I almost forget myself there.
Either I am dead , or my watch has stopped.

I've woken up now and alone

Like the truth of the unreal unborn
I know not to cry , not to sob
But I want to move on.

Walking away seemed never easier before

No looking back or stopping any more
Time will come and go
Without you though unwillingly
I will also move on .
But the emptiness created in my life
On the loss of u
Will persist , forever
And ever.

( No longer here

no longer there
no longer anywhere
u never were
but even now it seems that you were
around me somewhere)

*This is a work of fiction .


  1. Just a random search landed me here .. but have to say .. your poems are awesome . loved the way you write because it feels so realistic !

  2. Quite artistically Done. Atmospheric Image with words from heart .

    please Give your view on my write up @

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  4. Nicely crafted with near perfect words!

  5. Woow a ting of many emotions stir just perfectly ... Well composed !

  6. Nice compilation. The poignancy that meanders through the poetry adds beauty to it.

    1. Thanks .. for liking it so much keep visiting :)

  7. liked the tying up of the poem in 3 parts...brilliant composition Ankur, the emotions come rushing through.....

  8. Reading it once more and it still has the same freshness that I found before.

  9. Nice choice of words..emotions perfectly expressed..:-)..wonderful work..


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