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Like Beauty of Hues !

beauty of hues

I'll know I've created a truly beautiful rhyme,
If it remains in your heart through sands of time.
I'll know that finally your heart I stole,
When I'll see your eyes,rolling tears,smeared kohl.

I'll wait for the sun to drown and advent of stars,
Stars probably mighty warriors who once fell in a war.
I look deep in your eyes know that the smile is fake,
Your pretense,it vanishes,like morning mist from a lake.

You look at a cloud at night,wonder why it's black,
I drown in you eyes,wonder which shade of night they lack.
Scattered on your eyebrows,few drops of rain,
Your cheeks with a tint of red,like a flag of Spain.

I'll wait for the sunset and streaks of mellow red,
Melting red hues from your lips,I said.
You fell in his hands,he created an art,
But in some haste,he gave you my heart.


  1. Bravo Ankur...I just love it from the core of my heart... (h)

  2. It is so difficult to comment with that greeting in the left side of your blog.
    Nice lines Ankur Anand. I hope the love of your life is reading these.

    1. Thanks .. for noticing it .. and thanks for liking it :)

  3. Hello Ankur, there's a Liebster for you here :


  4. u have created a truly beautiful rhyme!! :)

  5. Awesome! i loved every bit!

  6. So romantic! I really enjoyed reading this poem. It took me places.

  7. One phrase - you are multi talented kid .. brilliantly done yet again !!bloggers like you keep the reader inside me alive bro !! I was suffering from this major fatigue .. of not being able to read anymore . hence was not around that often !!

    1. Thanks for so much of compliment ! i know that feeling sometime i too suffer in that way !

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  9. Awesome interesting lines! Dear...

  10. Beautiful poem. I really liked how you used the word kohl here. Also, the smileys on your blog are really cute.

    1. Thanks .. i glad you liked it ..yeah they are really cute :)


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