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Words some mine few yours !

words imgae

There are some phrases on these lips of mine
But Some of its words 
are still at your possessions 
Bound in the bond of desires
The words which I have
Words which are lost in your thoughts
Words which have not slept for centuries
in dream of your hazel eyes
She too has feel of those words
At the door step of time, this secret
of mine – is now hers too.

Though wrapped these words are scattered
I have to entwine them and keep with myself
before it losses its meaning 
I have to share it with you
with us

But don’t know why today 
this pot of ink
seems an empty one 
just like me
perhaps in the knot of these words
There is either an oceans or trench
or Seclusion of a lonely heart ..

P.S - This is a close translation of  my hindi poem लफ्ज़... कुछ.मेरे.कुछ.तुम्हारे.! .. for all those who can't read hindi .


  1. Marvellous Ankur.. (h) Day by Day you are becoming Shakespeare like and I even read your hindi one felt the beauty of words.. :)

    1. Thanks harsha .. your chosen path to compare me had made me speechless .. btw thanks for reading hindi one too :)

  2. very beautiful poem. and am sure the original version in Hindi must be even more beautiful :)

  3. The essence is there, nice read.

  4. I agree... The essence is there. Well written :) (o)


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