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I was fall of 2779 AD .I had just taken a break from my work and decided to spend some time in my lake-house. After the recent troubles in my life I needed sometime alone. I was just done keeping the kettle on flames and setting up the fire in the fire-place and was reading an old occult book when I heard a loud screaming. Now this was weird as it was 11 p.m. and it was cold and raining. I went to the door to see what was happening. A large ship has just crashed in my town causing heavy damage and casualties. The current state of the people, burning places and building was too much to surface the inexplicable pain, when I heard the news that more ships had crashed in other parts of the earth.

Alien Invasion was always a mainstay of science fiction but today these fiction seemed to be more real than any dream I had ever had in my life. I could still hear the sharp, ripping metal explosion, the searing wave of heat, and I rushed towards the site out of my curiosity and to some extent for my civic duty.   I saw more. There were dead bodies in the streets, a few, being haphazardly collected at intervals. I somehow backed myself to the site but scene was so freakish and frightening. As far as I could see, the entire area was covered with that ship, with one big, long, rectangular structure, like a warehouse or factory building in its center as if this will demolish the entire city in a jiffy. To have a close look I swarmed like a perspiring ant on that structure. Something is written here “Mart” Ma….a..rt..  I stammered.

There was a hole from where light was coming out, with my hammering heart wondering what has happened and what was happening I blundered way into it before someone held me from behind and  pulled me towards a brick wall in fraction of second. What was you trying to do? He asked. I was too afraid to open my eyes or probably lost my sense for a time being. I .. i..wa.s.. I was about to say when he said open your eyes, don’t be afraid right now. “Right now?” I cried. “Guess so,” he replied. With half open eyed I saw that creature. He was around 7 ft tall sealed in some kind of shield and his hand, looked like he was wearing a furry mitten. What was going on I begged him between gaps and groans of pain.

We are “Martians” from Marts, and the hole that you saw was edifice door, he told. I querulously asked why so much destruction. He added they have come here for the “Philosophers Stone”. I started him like a child, he added further Earth has the abundance of Philosophers Stone, which when dropped out of sky on men’s mind, occupy a corner of their brains, and they can dictate orders on them. The ship you see and the others you are hearing about all are drilling ship they will extract all the stone and will leave the planet. Even if it will destroy the major part of the planet, the survivors will be their slave, so will their children and eventually the salve cultivation will nurture.

I believed in every words of his without reservation, and given the circumstances it was making sense. Without missing the beat I asked who you are then. I’m “TI” but we are vowed to protect the universe from the personal interest unlike others he said. WE? I once again lifted my eyebrow. Yes there are some others like me here but we can only help if you people will help us, we need an army before the construction is over because if they get over the their hybrid electromagnet will absorb all the power on your planet and once the magnetic field is established, drilling will start then nothing can stop them.

I looked towards the ship and its edifice door, it grew as I watched. Already some were working inside. My view of them was cut-off once the wall they were building went up. I was about to wander when TI told one way or another: either have courage to face the situation or live the life of the slave. I had no other choice I thought, not because I was afraid but I was concerned about the safety of my family and for her .Oh! Dear I haven’t yet told her about my feelings and I can’t let anything happen to her no matter what and where was our relationship stand. Yes I’m ready. Just tell me what I need to do.  More similar creatures have assembled by then with more number of able bodied men and they were their too to save the earth for the invaders.

Ok, Listen to me carefully TI said. Every details is important, so remember it. Though it is just a drilling ship but it is well protected and shielded. There are guards guarding it and like we are trying to destroy this ship, others are also trying to destroy the others ships around the globe. So one mistake by any one of us and everyone will be in problem, so be careful.

To be continued ………….

P.S- The first SCI-FIC i'm trying :D


  1. nice try. waiting for the next episode :)

    1. Thanks for encouraging :) .. will be posting the next part soon !

  2. nice take on the prompt...was this published at WUC?

    so what happens next?

    this prompt was my first attempt at Sci-Fi too..and i never thought I'd enjoy writing it as much!

    1. Thanks .. yeah it was real fun .. no it wasn't published as i couldn't even complete it on time due to my summer training .. hoping to complete it after my placement drive gets over ..


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