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The Morning You Gifted!

Unbraided hair, caressing your cheeks, dusted on your eyebrows, few rays of sunrise. I gazed at you, but then sleepily with partial candid eye, you met my gaze and flooded a smile. Embarrassedly in haste I looked aside and recollected, today you gifted me the most priceless gift of life,” The morning that spelt love!”

P.S -
My first 55 fiction !
Topic was
Write a 55 fiction about the most priceless gift you have received from your loved one.


  1. Quite good....given that it is ur first 55er, u have done a fabulous job

  2. Interestng and full of love!!
    Keep spreading love :)

  3. Replies
    1. Ah ! feeling privileged :) .. thanks for lovely acknowledgement :)

  4. wow Ankur this is a lovely piece...!!

  5. Wow... It is so serene and beautiful. I loved it :)

  6. Oh ho mere bhai..Pyar Vyar ka chakkar hai kya?Mamla Garbar dekh raha hai... :p
    But seriously so lovely and romantic lines.. :)

    1. hahaha .. post can be delusional :P .. Thanks for reading it !


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