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Incognito !

One fine stormy night I peeped out of the window
Pitch black sky, streets scattered with a forlorn shadow
A solitary soul stole my sight, shimmering in the dark of night
Embracing the breeze, she stood there like starry light

She smiled tenderly, some cold drops caressed her forehead
Half impaired by her mellowed face, saw lips with melting hues red.
Her sparkling hazel eyes, resembled as if Zeus held a chariot race
Her Hairdo, resembled if Clouds twirled in mystic fashion face.

Hours passed, but the time was paused in her presence
Where was my mind, her essence took over my sense.
I painted portraits on dark walls and drew a million puzzles
My insanity grew by the night and so did the intermittent drizzles.

Heavens conspired, and it rained like it was Ragnarok ground
The waves were turbulent, was it Poseidon’s frown?
She walked away drenched, flickering in the rain
Yonder street lamp, I shared his solitary pain.

Bereft, I beheld my reflection in the drops to see Narcissus
I was now asphyxiating , reasons stopped being my Aegis.
My eye abandoned me, said I had crossed the borders of sanity,
I asked her smiling, whether seeing my Aphrodite was not a vanity.

I still remember the day I fell in love with an Aphrodite
Think as you may, I still give her dream a very tough fight.
I have a chance to move on, but her dwelling side has the veto
Was this a manifestation of my persona or her incognito?


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